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A Dog Tale(Tail)

"Bear" My daugthers dog

"Bear" My daugthers dog

Talk about  dogs. There are several things to be aware of when bringing up several animals of the one species at a time.

Feeding them is an issue in itself. Bulk cooking is the only thing that makes sense and better for them as well.

At the moment I have five loveable dogs, two females and three males, Welsh Springer Spaniels to be exact, and everyday they have their cooked meals as I don’t believe in feeding dogs any of that “canned “variety food and best of all they have a rich and varied diet, are much healthier with no bad smells or weight problems. It takes a bit of time but once you are organised it flows pretty smoothly, very habit forming.

My butcher has grown to, lets say, appreciate me as I always try to get the best deal for my money. The dogs presently eat 10 kg of minced chicken carcasses plus other minced meats,3kg uncooked pasta, 2kgs rolled oats and 10kg of vegetables and fruit plus garlic and yeast and whatever else looks interesting, this all goes into the pot over the week as I cook up a new batch every couple of days as a new supply is needed and this all gets topped off with their dry dog biscuits and fresh bones.

So to all you dog lovers – bye for now and how about your dog food story?


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